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Okay. From what I understand, Dustin's kind of ignoring us...or he's out of commission anyways. I talked to Reino lately, and he's temporarily homeless...
EZS as of now isn't going to grow too much. I really don't want EZS to die, I think it has/had potential. Reino had also been talking about quitting, he thought he hindered EZS's progress. I agree with that to a certain extent. At times, Reino has been a let down; but it was never entirely his fault. He's got a lot going right now.

I'd like to apologize to you Chris. All you've ever done is work hard and provide for EZS, while the rest of us haven't been as active as we could have been. I'm not going to let all of your work go to waste.

I'm not going to call myself EZS's leader, temporary leader, or anything like that. I don't want that kind of pressure. If anything, think of me as an "organizer". I'll get projects going. I'll start at the art department at school and go from there; I'll look for an artist. I'm not letting EZS fade like this.
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Aye, aye. Thanks for the update! (Glad to see another person posting here!) Smile
In a way, I've let some of you down as well. I promised I'd build and finish a site nearly three years ago, and now that there's alpha build, I'm reluctant to update rapidly since there isn't any progress with much of our works. I don't have anything to work with for the site, i.e. concept art, project/character detail information etc, other than the scripts that haven't been updated in some time -- last update was back at the end of October 2008. On a not-so, but somehow, related subject various animation companies (like in Japan, for instance) like GONZO is also going through hard times and had to cut 120 of its staff of animators down to 30. With that number, it's very difficult to continue or complete any current projects under production. Although we're doing this as a hobby, I see this as being related to what we're going through...sorta.

I'd like to include a famous, maybe to us, quote here:

Toriban (Dustin) Wrote:A star rises in the north, and as it does, so do the hopes of a select few. What will happen as they watch over this star? Will it sparkle? Will it glimmer? Will it fade? Or, will it become a glorious beacon, shining all their hopes and dreams across the heavens?

Emphasis mine. We're like a star, we could continue to glimmer, we could fade away (and go supernova), or shine as bright as can be in a star's life cycle.

When I registered this domain, I wasn't sure how long I wanted to own the domain so I registered it for two years just to be safe, so it's valid until October 18, 2010. If there isn't any significant progress by then and/or a week before the expiration date, I will not renew the domain (unless there's a very good reason to keep it going for another year or so) but keep the server running -- it's good server administration experience. Might turn it into some blog (oh, great, what'll I do there? Random personal ramblings of my life? "Today I went to class and..." Tongue), personal website or something. No, this is not a "I quit" or a EZS-EOL (end of life) message. I, too, would like to see EZS grow and prosper, although it has been rather disappointing and on a decline ever since 2005. I would like to see something becoming of all of your works and efforts you put into your scripts and see it animated and/or created to be showcased on our website. Something that can be seen as a result of four, almost five, years of what I'd call our "planning/development" stage and get into a "production" stage. EDIT: Heh, funny that you had to post it on the very day I received an invoice from our hosting service that automatically billed the amount to continue services for another month. Big Grin

However, I'm usually optimistic and I'm sure that things will work out for Reino and Dustin and they will eventually rejoin us and become active. I believe that the reason for their not being active during this time is due to the bad economic times the entire global markets are going through. Once there's some recover from this recession, I'm sure things will be right as rain. In any case, and whatever the case may be in less than 20 months, I'll say this here now: it's been fun, guys. It really has been. To be involved with a individuals like you and Reino choosing me as your site designer and forum manager on a random morning at our high school. Thank you. Salutations. You're Welcome. Etc etc. *gets off the soap box and sorry for the length of this post!* Wink

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Douitashimashite or "You're welcome"!
Lately, I've been using this picture of Kyon many times for Thank you's, you're welcome's etc. Tongue
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Yo its me. ...I really don't know what to say. *sigh* I suppose "ignoring" is a close enough to accurate term. I just kinda go into a depressive funk lately when I think about you guys. I feel like I let you guys down a lot, then I feel like crap, then I hide in my just as depressive work-sleep rotation until it all comes full circle and I want to know what's been going on. I am quite possibly the least useful member of this team, but... I don't know. I've tried to get three different artists to work on Cha'Ver over the years and they've all flaked out on me. Kinda discouraging. So I write some shit and then I feel that nobody's ever gonna draw it and I saw "Yee frickin haw" as sarcastically as possible.

I'm making no sense whatsoever, am I? *sigh* Screw it. I'll come back tomorrow when I don't feel like 40 tons of shit and see if I can't make sense then. Pretty much what I'm trying to say is that anymore, I hope and want, I just am incredibly pessimistic.
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But now I'm thinkin' that today sounds fine to me.

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We let you down dude...or more over. Reino and I did a bit... Reino's said it enough now that I don't think he'll care if I say it. I'll make things happen. I'll get this going.
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...Reino joined the Marine core. Though he's leaving EZS, I'm thankful for everything he's done. He brought us together, a lot of the time he was like a brother to me. Good luck Reino.
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I wish him the best of luck. I have a coupla friends that put in their time in the marines and my advice from their example is SAVE SOME FREAKIN MONEY. Seriously, they've got that whole 1970's "He who dies with the most toys, wins" mentality.
Of A Revolution Wrote:And we would sit, and wonder about the future,
But now I'm thinkin' that today sounds fine to me.

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I wish Reino the best of luck as well in the Marine Corps. I had a friend who joined the Army (I'm sure you all know who I'm talking about) *cough*runningwiththehatchet.com*cough* when I was still in high school. I wished him the best of luck then and whenever he was online he would retell stories of how he was deployed over in Iraq. He's still alive and well, but the location of where he is now is unknown - he certainly is Stateside but which state I'm not sure, maybe Colorado. In any case, hey, maybe Reino may be a very good military adviser to one of the projects we have when he returns. Smile

I, too, am grateful for him bringing us together. Now, we'll have to push forward and get something out before that October 2010 deadline. Re-reading my last reply, it felt a little demanding but I am lenient to renew the domain another year to Oct 2011 depending on our situation in a year + couple of months from now.
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"I've reached field capacity!"
Chris...I seriously just facepalmed. Sometimes I think you're too lenient for your own good X]

Don't ever stop.
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