Site Update: Forums Upgraded
Forums have been upgraded, and with them they provide some fancy new features.

Such as, video embeds from popular sites like YouTube, Google Video, and Vimeo to name a few. For your enjoyment, meet Maru the Cat:

Another is an improved quick reply that uses AJAX. No, no, no! Not the cleaning product! Other than that, most features are behind-the-scenes, so no peeking! Big Grin

With that, some administrative changes have been made.

We have decided to open user registration, but each new user is subjected to administrator approval receiving a randomly generated password through the email address they registered with. For those of you registering on the same IP address, please note that if someone registers on our forums with a similar IP address you have, you will need to wait 2 days until you can register your account. Sorry, but due to the fact that spam bots are constantly trying to register on our forums with similar IP addresses, this will hopefully halt their attacks.

Also, complex passwords are a necessity, beginning with new user registration. Passwords need at least one UPPERCASE LETTER, one lower case letter, & 1 num83r.

The forum rules have also been updated, so please be sure to get yourself familiar with them!
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