Held down by outside expectations, 
lying in a stagnant pool of the most repressive of inhibitions, 
you lose sight of the hope you once had. 
The bright lights in your dreams, 
all your ingenious schemes 
to win have grown dimmer and dimmer 
until a glimmer is all it seems
to be of what's to come, 
of what's to be done.

Times like these are worse than dying, 
when each breath gets less and less satisfying. 
As the realization sinks in, you spend your days sighing 
about how you continue to crawl instead of flying. 
You know your rightful place but spend each day lying 
about how you're doing your best to improve, 
how you're trying.

"Trying" is defeat. "Doing" is victory. 
The first doesn't go down in history, 
the latter is constantly decorated in glory. 
Gasping for air that seems to be there less and less, 
you sink lower and lower towards your demise. 
The onlookers point and the onlookers stare, 
themselves secretly hoping to be surprised 
but they've surmised that 
you will continue to crawl, to continue to fall. 
An ascent from these depths 
is impossible without taking the first step.

Rise! Rise to your full potential. 
You know you have everything essential to succeed. 
Your accomplishments will supersede 
your cumulative failures at alarming speeds 
while those who called you a bad seed 
will watch in awe at your astonishing deeds. 
Realization strikes; they must follow your lead. 
You're exactly what this world needs and more. 
It's what you were born for.

This truth is hard to swallow 
because it is much easier to wallow 
in doubt, self pity, and remorse. 
It is the challenge and responsibility of every champion
to push aside the negativity and seek developmental recourse. 
Of course, this is much easier said than done; 
the force required to cultivate and run 
is great in scope and equal to none.

You're on land now and will face a great demand 
for amends from people whom you've hurt during your descent. 
Relieve yourself from these shackles and chains. 
There is no point in wracking your brain, 
still clinging on to the soul-wringing train 
of thoughts intent on destroying 
all the goals you have fought so hard for. 
Transcend the pity and the shuns. 
Let your most loved ones know 
that you will continue to ascend.

Fight! Fight against the last of your foes. 
Take flight and push your mind past all limits; 
you're so close! 
Nobody knows your struggle like you do. 
Nobody shows you the path that you must push through. 
Believe in belief and bid adieu to your grief, 
piled high like the mountains fading away behind you.

The beginning of the end 
of your journey has started. 
For this magnificent climb 
you will soon be rewarded. 
Know that "no" is no longer a known word in your vocabulary. 
The burden of success beyond your wildest dreams is all that you carry. 
Above and beyond anyone's expectations, 
you parry any and all attacks with ease; 
you've found your sanctuary.

Ascension is your destiny. 
Without it, you can't rest in peace. 
To invest in these words is the recipe 
for a fulfilling and meaningful life; 
you can put your trust in me.

~Reino Sammeta, 11/11/12
EZS Writer
"Don't waste your time or time will waste you."
I dig it sir. The rhyme scheme is never forced and always on point, the subject matter is relatable but clearly comes from a personal place. Bravo Reino.
Skin wrapped around bone and soul

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