Toradora! Ep. 12
Yeah, yeah. I'm a week late, things came up even though it didn't affect my watching behavior.

Episode 12: Oobashi High School Festival - Second Part

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Recap from last time:

Oobashi High School is preparing for its one day school festival. In the mean time, Taiga's father decides to return in to Taiga's life to live as father and daughter once again.

Key plot points:
  • Taiga wants to switch roles with Ami, who has the lead role, during one of their performances during the day when her father comes to watch.
  • Ryuuji and Minori argue at each other, after Minori finds out from him about Taiga's father returning. She does not like Taiga's getting back on good terms with her father and that he only thinks for his own, not Taiga's, well being. Taiga suggests he quickly apologize to Minori.
  • After school, Ryuuji discovers that Taiga is moving in with her father.
  • The pro wrestling event goes well and is sold out, save for a messed up line from Taiga and an interruption by Yuri-sensei.
  • In the end, Taiga's father never comes and Ryuuji didn't apologize to Minori.

Episode thoughts:

This is, perhaps, the first time we have seen Minori angry over something. If memory serves me correctly, I remember Minori saying she does get angry but she doesn't show it unless for certain situations - Taiga's reunion with her father is one of them. Either that or I'm mixing that with another series. So, things may not be so cheery as it may seem for Taiga and her father from last time. There's something Ryuuji (and us, the viewers) doesn't know but Minori knows, so we'll know what she knows in the next episode. Going on to the highlight of this episode, the show was hilarious to watch, who knew that Yuri-sensei would go berserk enough that she had to be carried out of the classroom because her students would cut her string of fate. The other classes seem to be doing maid cafes, too many of them in fact. Well, at least they have your typical maids - the regular maids, tsundere maids (which are becoming VERY popular), and male hosts (to appeal to the girls).

[Image: preview13.jpg]

The thirteenth episode, the last part in this three part story arc, we'll most likely find out Minori's side of the story.

New OP and ED songs will be coming up soon, most likely for the fourteenth episode onwards. There's a switch up this time, instead of having a group of three voice actors doing the OP and Horie Yui doing the ED, Horie Yui will do the OP with "silky heart" and the group will do the OP with "Orange".
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