Toradora! Ep. 22 - Of Many Faces
Episode 22: The Scene with You
Slap-tacular entertainment. Nokori no 3 no episo-do. Three episodes remaining.

Edit of an edit: Updated some sentences that just seemed awkward, unclear, or confusing. Apologizes, brain was half asleep after taking midterms. Expect more edits tomorrow when well rested! Tongue

[Image: toradora22.jpg]
Yes, they come in different sizes now 8x10, 16x20 and now 4x6.
Yes, that's Taiga with a bandage on her forehead.

Recap from last time:
Ryuuji failing to find out Minorin's true feelings about him finds out that Taiga actually can't stop having feelings for him.

Key plot points:
  • Ryuuji has a bad dream during class and suddenly wakes up screaming Taiga's name; Yuri-sensei reminds the class that their career assessment papers are due soon. When the class ends, Ryuuji is on the roof top and we learn that Taiga's real mother came to take Taiga from the resort and is resting at her parents house, thus the reason why she isn't present at school. Yuusaku comes by and Ryuuji asks him a favor to pretend he rescued Taiga and that she said absolutely nothing during the time of rescue.
  • After school, Haruta and Noto catch up with Ryuuji asking that he come to go grab a bite to eat. After a bit of a wait in front of the restaurant with Haruta and Noto discussing about their futures, they head inside only to be surprised by Minorin who happens to work at this restaurant for two hours (along with her numerous other jobs).
  • The boy's and girl's softball teams have merged together with Minorin nominated as the new captain of the entire team. Ami and Minorin skip class with Minorin discussing about seeing ghosts, only to be cut short with Ami walking away from her. Minorin shouts from behind that she will do anything to get what she wants, she won't hesitate anymore.
  • After school, Ryuuji returns to his house only to find out that Yasuko (you know, his mom) left a note stating she's got a second job, because Yasuko wants Ryuuji to go to college even though they are financially poor.
  • When Ryuuji hears knocking at the front door, thinking it's his mom, he discovers that it's Taiga. Taiga explains that her injury was not that serious and the reason why she wasn't at school was because she simply wanted to skip it to go shopping with her mom. Taiga's reason for her visit was that she lost her keys to her apartment and would gain entry into the apartment through Ryuuji's bedroom window into her bedroom window. Before Taiga clumsily drops into her bedroom, she remembers she had a dream about Yuusaku rescuing her and her saying something stupid to him. She wonders if everything she said was a dream, to which case Ryuuji assures it was since he "heard" she was unconscious the whole time and never said anything.

Episode thoughts:
Taiga's return; Taiga punching, slapping and calling Ryuuji names; and Minorin's poking of eyes were the highlights of this episode. You get to see 5 year old Ryuuji in this episode too for a few seconds.

I felt that nothing much happened in this episode other than Taiga returning back home and Minorin, going back to her ghost analogy (from episode 9), determined to move forward with her life as well as learning she has yet another part time job (seriously, how many does she have now?). Thus the rather, err, random faces in the summary image above.
I believe the reason why Minorin is taking up so many jobs and responsibilities (as the soft ball team's captain) is to keep her busy and stop thinking about Ryuuji. Perhaps things will be moving forward a bit in the next episode, speaking of which...

[Image: preview23.jpg]
Valentine's Day, the boy's receiveth holiday. White Day, the girl's receiveth holiday.
This one's about Valentine's Day.

Episode 23, susumu beki michi or The Road that We Must Advance On. It's Valentine's Day! It looks like Haruta found his valentine, but what about the others? Still, poor Yuri-sensei always alone and raving about chocolate.
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