Toradora! Ep. 13
Episode 13: Oobashi High School Festival - Final Part

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Recap from last time:

Class 2-C's pro-wrestling show is a hit-success. Taiga's father still has yet to come and visit the day's festivities. Ryuuji hasn't apologized to Minorin.

Key plot points:
  • The day's festivities shift from class performances to a beauty contest. Taiga is representing Class 2-C in a Cinderella-like dress. Taiga wins the contest gaining overwhelming support from the school after Ami, the host of the contest, announces for Taiga's father to come up to the stage - who doesn't come. The other contestants, however, were all in maid uniforms.
  • Before Taiga is announced at the beauty contest, Ryuuji receives a text message from her father regarding why he can't come to that day because of his job. He realizes he was being selfish all along, and that Minorin was right about Taiga's father. He wonders about what he should do to help Taiga.
  • Sumire, the student council president, suddenly appears and announces a racing competition for the guys. The first to run a lap around the entire school premises will be able to put a tiara on Taiga and have a dance with her. Ryuuji, determined, wants to be the one to win to reach Taiga.
  • Ryuuji manages to get past the majority of the guys but eventually, and surprisingly, Minorin catches up and passes him in the final leg of the lap. A pair from the track team manages to surpass them but are K.O.ed when Minorin slugs a softball at both of their heads, and she throws herself into a group of guys who enter the final leg all while urging Ryuuji to go on and finish the race. Ryuuji walks up to Minorin and extends his hand to her and finish the race hand-in-hand to later crown Taiga.
  • All the while, Taiga tells herself that the two of them need not worry about her, she can finally stand up for herself now.

Episode thoughts:

Wow, Taiga smiles a lot in this episode, but this is just the beginning judging by the next episode preview. Although things between Ryuuji and Minorin the day before the festival occurs didn't go so well, they made up and got closer to each other - which Taiga later points out to Ryuuji. What's interesting about Minorin in her discussion with Ryuuji near the end of the episode is that she questions if she likes girls more than boys, Ryuuji doesn't think so. Moving on, even though Class 2-C wins both the beauty contest and the race, Yuri-sensei still is seen crying at the dance with her class. Must be regarding her string of fate in the previous episode. All-in-all, this episode brings was a good ending to this three-part arc.

[Image: preview14.jpg]

Next episode, The Palm-Top Tiger of Happiness, Minorin has something up her sleeve to make Taiga become happier? Who knows! Still, Yuri-sensei looks down.

The next episode airs in roughly two weeks had I posted this last Friday, thus my reasoning to post the thread later than usual is justified when posting it this week.
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