Toradora! Ep. 23 - Revelation of Everything
Episode 23: The Road that We Must Advance On
Apologies for being a day late, family happenings dealing with connecting routers with computers and some such nonsense. Or, perhaps I really wanted to post this on PI day. Wink
Two episodes to go. The peak of drama has been reached.

[Image: toradora23.jpg]
Upper left: Ryuuji! I choose you! Go!! Obligatory Noto chaos, right middle. The drama, bottom.

Recap from last time:
Taiga returns from the ski resort mishap and is reassured by Ryuuji that he heard that she said absolutely nothing while she was unconscious. What Taiga doesn't know, is that Ryuuji falsified this information so she can be at ease.

Key plot points:
  • Taiga teases Maya and Nanoko during lunch to reveal what's behind her bandage. Yuri-sensei then comes in and causes a racket about Valentine's Day coming up and forbids the boys from doing indecent during class. Haruta does the unexpected and surprises those near him and lectures about how it's pointless to receive chocolates at school, since school is a place to learn. After the racket, Yuri-sensei requests that Taiga and Ryuuji come to the interview room when school is over.
  • In the interview room, Yuri-sensei explains that both of them haven't completed their career assessment forms. Ryuuji explains his reasoning because his mother pushes herself too hard, even though she wants him to go to college. Thus, Ryuuji decides that he will not be going to college. Taiga, on the other hand, says she comes from a rich family and doesn't need to advance in her studies. Yuri-sensei requests that they think about their decisions for a while before making their final decision on paper.
  • After Yuri-sensei leaves, Taiga makes a paper airplane of her career assessment. She explains to Ryuuji that it's impossible for her to think about her future, but there are things she does want: to fall in love normally, to live in a normal family, become friends with other people normally, to be normal.
  • Ryuuji makes his way into the teacher's room and sees Ami discussing something with a teacher. When Ami abruptly ends the conversation upon seeing him, refuses to do what the teacher requested and walks out. The teacher she was discussion with orders Ryuuji to chase her down. The reason for her refusal: she didn't want to model the school uniform for the school's information pamphlet. Later, Ryuuji learns that Ami originally wanted to leave the school after the first semester, but because she wanted to be around with Ryuuji, Taiga, Minorin, and Yuusaku she stayed longer.
  • Ryuuji receives a phone call from Taiga regarding his mother, Yasuko, fainting on the balcony and rushes home to make sure she rests well. Ryuuji walks out of her room and tells Taiga that he's going out to buy food, without taking his jacket, bag or cellphone. Taiga eventually reaches up to him with these items, but notices that Ryuuji is acting strange. When he believes it was his fault his mother fainted and how if he would be stronger and better, his mother would put more faith and trust into him. Taiga assures him that everything will be alright. With this, they both are talking to the owner of the cake shop - the second job Ryuuji's mother has - and explains that she won't be able to work the day before and the day of Valentine's Day. Both of them, however, volunteer work as substitutes on those days.
  • The following day, business doesn't bid well for the cake shop as Ryuuji struggles to put on a friendly face and broadcasting a welcoming message to those who past by. Haruta swings by and wants to buy a cake, but there's a girl who's with him. When both of them order a cake, Haruta explains to Ryuuji that the girl next to him is his girlfriend. Noto comes in and asks Ryuuji and Taiga if they saw Ami or Maya come by, not that he cares about it, but he was just wonder if perhaps Maya gave chocolate to Yuusaku. Taiga, using her logic, concludes that Noto likes Maya. Noto accepts his feelings, but only because he's interested in Maya. When Taiga explains that it’s normal to have feelings for a girl and begins explaining flower reproduction, Noto quickly flees shouting that there's something wrong with Taiga.
  • When Ryuuji sees the serious cake shop owner after Noto's encounter, he thinks they should stop harassing other people. Taiga decides to bring out her lethal weapon: Ami. Ami's appeal to the public causes many potential customers to buy chocolate cake to reach the day's number of target sales.
  • On Valentine's Day, Taiga gives out chocolates to Ami, Minorin, Ryuuji, and Yuusaku in one of the school's computer labs. When Yuusaku receives his chocolate from Taiga, she explains that she put the most effort into his chocolate because he did rescue her. Ryuuji suddenly realizes that he forgot to tell Minorin about the falsified story. As Taiga retells her story and what she thought she might have blurted out something she wasn't supposed to say, but Minorin wants to know what she thought she said. Taiga refuses to say since it might hurt someone who shouldn't hear it. Minorin walks up to Ryuuji and calls him a liar and reveals to Taiga that Ryuuji was actually the one who saved her. The drama unfolds as the exits are blocked by Ami and Yuusaku, Minorin holds Taiga up against the wall and tells her that she believes in Taiga. Taiga wants simply wants her to be happy, Minorin stops her mid-sentence stating that her happiness can only be obtained by herself. With this, Yuusaku and Ami decide that this was all they could do, and let Taiga flee the room. Minorin tells Ryuuji that she will chase after Taiga, but asks what he will do. Ryuuji hesitates in his answer as he contemplates what he'll do...

Episode thoughts:
The peak of the love drama from episode 21 has been reached. The first 19 minutes were the standard nice and calm plot of events leading up to Valentine's Day. I sure didn't expect a lot of drama to unfold in the last 3 minutes of the show, well all the better for a cliffhanger to occur to make those watching anxiously wait until next week to find out what Ryuuji does. Pretty much this episode solidly concludes that this series will end with a Ryuuji x Taiga relationship. Sorry, Ryuuji x Ami or Ryuuji x Minorin hopefuls, gg. The last time I saw a rom-com with this much drama was true tears between Noe x Shinichirou and Hiromi x Shinichirou fans. By the way, Minorin looks rather frightening during the last few minutes. Anyways, what WILL Ryuuji do?

[Image: preview24.jpg]
Will there be a time jump in the next episode to be White Day? Maybe not...

Episode 24, kokuhaku or Confession. Can't tell much from the preview, but it looks like Yasuko gets angry for the first time. It could either be something about love or admitting something about one's self. Until next week!
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