Toradora! Ep. 14 & Ep. 15
Hooray for double features, I'm late with these so I'm compiling these two episodes into one. Image below is a compilation of both episodes.

Episode 14: The Palm-Top Tiger of Happiness & Episode 15: The Stars Are Far Away

[Image: toradora1415.jpg]

Recap from last time:

Ryuuji and Minorin are both on good terms with each other and both manage to get Taiga back to normal.

Key plot points (14 & 15):
  • After the culture festival, there are rumors going around about Taiga touching someone will bring good fortune and luck. Ironically, Ryuuji spends most of the time hanging around Taiga and thinks he should be the happiest in the world.
  • Another rumor is that Yuukasu stole Taiga from Ryuuji, which causes Taiga to be happy about this and still flustered whenever talking to Yuusaku.
  • Pictures from the festival are on display for ordering. Taiga orders several photos, including the one of Yuusaku and her dancing; while Ryuuji's includes the one of both he and Minorin running across the finish line together. Minorin takes a peek at his ordering slip and realizes this and also orders the same photo.
  • Yuusaku is in the student council room alone with the president, Sumire, and are discussing the good blessing rumor about Taiga. With that note, Sumire has something she wanted to tell him about.
  • Later, Taiga finds Yuusaku sitting alone near the river and he's not his usual cheery self. Meanwhile, Ryuuji is confronted by Ami at the supermarket while deciding which type of poultry to buy.
  • The following day, Yuusaku is still not his usual self. Upon mentioning of the student council president elections and everyone believing Yuusaku will definitely win it for sure, Yuusaku shouts he is refusing to run and has already resigned as vice president.
  • The day after, everyone's surprised that Yuusaku dyed his hair. Those closest to Yuusaku are questioned, among them is Sumire, who denies any knowledge of anything regarding Yuusaku and is of no concern to her since he quit the student council. Yuusaku later leaves school early and pushes Yuri-sensei, who's blocking him, aside.
  • Minorin decides that she, Ryuuji and Taiga should go to Yuusaku's house and cheer him up. Taiga decides not to go leaving Minorin and Ryuuji to take a visit. It turns out that Yuusaku was not at his home. But...
  • When Ryuuji returns to his apartment, he is greeted by a flustered Taiga which can only mean: Yuusaku is in the building, and he's his usual self. He explains that he's run away from his home and Ryuuji's mom was nice enough to let him stay for a bit.
  • The following day, the three, after getting kicked out, decide to go have some fun and their destination is a batting cage. Yuusaku's session in the batting cage makes Ryuuji ponder that something's bothering him.
  • When the three return, Ryuuji's mom asks Ryuuji and Taiga to restrain Yuusaku as she will dye his hair back to normal so he can run as student council president - turns out Yuusaku's father has been in contact with her - but Yuusaku refuses and escapes. Taiga decides on her own that she must do one thing in order to make things better...
  • Taiga announces that she will run for student council president.

Episodes thoughts:

INB4NEWOP/ED. Yeah, the chances are ABSOLUTE for ep. 16 to have the new opening and closing songs (and quite possibly new sequences).

Alright, so the episode after the three-part culture festival was a nice transition to a Yuusaku story arc. I can't decide who's the real culprit: Sumire or Yuusaku's father, but we don't have much information on that, it'll have to wait until the next episode.

Really, we don't know a lot about Yuusaku - or Minorin, for that matter - since it is really revolving mainly around Ryuuji's point of view. But, oh boy was I surprised that Taiga decided to run for student council president. I'd like to hear what sort of changes she has in mind for the school, I bet it's abolishing of any clubs that interfered with her (ala photography club).

[Image: preview16.jpg]

Next episode, One Step Forward, looks like Yuusaku's hair is back to normal and Taiga's voice over in the preview about a pit of terror? Taiga and Ryuuji wearing dark cloaks? Cue in Darth Vader's BGM!
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